Saving Grace by: Aoife Marie Sheridan

Blitz: Saving Grace Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan Genre: Contemporary Romance Dates: 22nd of February  Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

Blurb: Grace knows that the only way she can survive life is to bury her past. But nothing stays buried forever... It’s been two years since she lost so much. Two years since she started a new life, in a new college, with a new group of friends. Two years, and now her troubles are rushing back. When Derek walks into Grace’s life, he makes her feel things she’d hoped never to feel again. The box she hid all her secrets in is opening, and Grace might not be able to keep it shut this time. As each of her traumas resurfaces, Grace isn’t sure having Derek at her side is enough to save her. And if he’s not, Grace isn’t sure she’ll come out the other side fully intact.

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Author Bio: USA Today Bestselling author Aoife Marie Sheridan lives in Ireland, has two leprechauns and a hawthorn tree in her back garden,…

CASED by: Brooke May

Cased Moto X Series, Book #2 Brooke May Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sports Cover Design: Dark Water Covers

Blurb: She’s broken. And he is determined to be the one to put her back together. Paige Bartin is the one for him. Finally believing he found happiness, Axle Ryan was left blindsided when Paige left him completely Roosted. Just like he was warned, the switch was flipped. Now, Axle is left empty but there is a driving need to fight for the woman he sees his future in. And fight he will. Axle will go against anyone, including Paige herself to prove how good–scratch that–phenomenal they are together. It’s more than unbelievable chemistry and a beautiful woman who hides behind a blank expression; it’s two souls coming together. But when their bond is tested, will they survive or will they be left Cased?

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Author Bio: Romance auth…

The Price by: Ruby Rowe

Title: The Price: Greyson and Sasha’s Story Series: A Novel Addition to The Terms Duet Author: Ruby Rowe Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Erotica Romance Release Date: February 22, 2018 Giveaway:

Synopsis Greyson Burke had become my everything. He paid for my drug rehab and put a roof over my head. He provided me with a job and showed by example how hard work and responsibility could lead me to greatness. He said I was strong, pretty and smart. He professed his love for me and claimed I’d be his forever. I believed Greyson could do no wrong until I learned of the astonishing decision he’d made. In a breath, my beautiful new world went up in flames, and my instinct was to run from the fire. Nothing could snuff out the truth; the fact I would never be enough for him. How could I be after all he’d given up? 
The Terms Duet must be read prior to this novel. The Price: Greyson and Sasha’s Story contains explicit language, graphic sex, and references of past sexual abuse to…

LIAM by: Stephanie St. Klaire

Today we are celebrating the release of BROTHER'S KEEPER II: LIAM by Stephanie St. Klaire! This is a romantic suspense title that you won't want to miss. Check out links for it and the previous book in the series below, and sign up for Stephanie's newsletter for exclusive news and details about the series.
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BROTHER'S KEEPER II: LIAM by Stephanie St. Klaire 
Synopsis: Running blind, and hiding in plain sight may be your only option, when your villain isn’t just behind you but all around you. When a past Felicity Nichols thought was dead and buried threatens everyone she loves, that’s exactly what she encounters. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide because her villain can follow her anywhere. Liam O’Reilly is as loyal and protective as they come. When Felicity falls victim to a cyber stalker who wants something she has, he will stop at nothing to protect her and his family from the danger threa…

Confessions Of A Klutz by: Abigail Davies

The city of dreams… a klutz's worst nightmare. 🍆🐱 NEW RELEASE🐱 🍆 Title➜ Confessions Of A Klutz Series ➜ Confessions Series: Book 1 Author➜ Abigail Davies Genre➜ Romantic Comedy Cover Designer➜ Pink Elephant Designs Release Date➜ February 22nd 2018

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What do you get when you cross a klutz with a GQ model lookalike?  Sounds like a bad joke, right? Only it’s my reality. And reality comes in the form of arm veins, dimples, and THE sexiest voice I’ve ever heard.  But there’s a slight issue. You see, I have a confession: I’m a klutz.  I’m used to it now and everything's going fine— if you don’t count the monthly trips to ER and the twenty-three jobs in the last four years—that is until I’m sent to New York.  The city of dreams… a klutz's worst nightmare. Three weeks. Twenty-one days.  I can control it, right? WRONG. Let the fun …

The Pilot & the Puck-Up by Pippa Grant

Title: The Pilot & the Puck-Up Author: Pippa Grant Genre: Sexy Romantic Comedy Release Date: February 16, 2018
Blurb: He’s the biggest, baddest, most spider-fearing motherpucker on the ice… When you’re named after the king of the gods, the world expects certain things of you. Tough? Damn right. Smart? Don’t let the hockey uniform fool you. Large and in charge? Honey, I’m the biggest, baddest, mother pucking-est machine to ever own the ice. I shoot. I score. In and out of the rink. I don’t come early, but I come often, if you know what I mean. And I always leave the ladies wanting more. Until that chick last night. I’m no one-thrust wonder, and you’re damn right I’m going to prove to her I can do better. But every time I think I’m finally on my way back into her pants, she one-ups and out-balls me. I should cut my losses, lick my wounds, and walk away. But Zeus Berger doesn’t walk away from anything. Especially when she's the only woman in the world who might be able to handle…

The Birthday List by: Devney Perry

THE BIRTHDAY LIST  By Devney Perry Standalone  Release Day – April 3, 2018

Happily married to her college sweetheart, Poppy lived a blessed life with the husband of her dreams. Then everything changed. She is no longer a wife. She is no longer the envy of her single friends. Now, people look at her with pity as they whisper a single word behind her back. Widow. Years after her husband’s tragic death, years of pain and sorrow and wishing for the life she’ll never get back, Poppy decides to finish Jamie’s birthday list. She’ll do the things he wanted to most. Because maybe, just maybe, if she can complete his list, she can start to live again. Poppy expects going through the birthday list will be hard. She expects it to hurt. But what she doesn’t expect is Cole. Could the man who delivered the news of her husband’s death and shattered her heart be the one to help her put it back together again?

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