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HEY THERE! "E. Lizard Breath Reads" was started on October 14th, 2014. You may be saying, WHAT???! A 3rd blog? YEPPERS, I can talk your ear off about my favorites, must read book, SURE, hope you love listening. WHAT, are you NOT married to a quiet man? Every night I get, "Hey honey, how was your day? I missed ya!" He says "Okay, u?" That's it? Yep!

Thank you, for stopping by & welcome to my book blog. I'm Beth from Virginia, a Casita owner, lover of camping in the quiet wilderness, hiking, biking, just being outdoors enjoying life, taking pics, & kayaking. 

My love for reading BOOKS has been a huge passion since a very young age. I still recall my Mom reading to me so many of my most favorite books over and over, one of our faves was "Where The Wild Things Are". I can read up to 3 books a day, whether hand held books or books on kindle, I love READING!!! This is a place for me to explore that hobby.


Connect with Beth:
Email: elizardbreathspeaks@gmail.com
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